Personality Development Program

At BIST, emphasis is given on not only making the students academically brilliant but true leaders and team players thus preparing them for real life corporate world.

To help them in grooming, special sessions are held on business etiquettes, negotiation skills & effective communication.

To make them effective team members and leaders special classes on leadership, teamwork & analytical skills are organized.

As a student, they will be an active member of a committee that brings about their true potential. Thus they can choose from various committees like Training & Placement Committee, Academic Committee, Cultural Committee, Sports Committee, Green & Clean Committee, etc.


The Institute believes is not just developing achievement oriented skills but also developing human values in students. The focus is on emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational & social development of students. The program utilizes a multi-disciplinary team & intervention system to remove the educational & behavioral barriers which interfere with student learning. It encourages students to achieve success in the institute’s environment, promotes opportunities for knowledge, skill & attitude development.

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